Prospective Sponsor Info

Why sponsor Team RUSH?

Apart from furnishing invaluable assets to the team, Team RUSH 27 does many things to mold the world's future leaders and innovators, through this idea vital skills in STEM fields are grown.

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) gives high school students a boost into a real-world job and teaches them to make the world a better place. Ultimately, FRC gives students a family and a chance to be successful in life after high school.

What are the benefits of sponsoring?

  • Free Advertising across the country

    • Team RUSH 27 goes all across the state of Michigan and even goes to tournaments out of state wearing our gear with possibly your logo on it.

  • Reflects well on your company

    • Team RUSH 27 does many things in our community to promote STEM and also events that can cultivate our community to come together. Some of these events include our Holiday Parade, our summer camps for Lego robotics, and our mentor-ships for younger FIRST teams in our community.

How do I sponsor Team RUSH?

Step 1:

First, donate online to our team, or provide a physical check to the student you are in contact with.

(If you provide a physical check instead of online, please make your check out to "Clarkston Community Schools", and put either "Team RUSH" or "Mrs. Hughes" on the memo line. Then, you can skip to Step 2.)

To sponsor through eFunds, please click the button below, then select "Pay for Donations to Team RUSH." Here, it will ask you to create an account or continue as a guest. Next, you simply type the amount of money you would like to donate to our team and proceed to checkout.

eFunds sponsors will be charged a fee of $2.65 for payments received by credit card and $1.00 for payments received by electronic check. (This means that if you sponsor $100 to our team, you will be charged $102.65 or $101 depending on your method of payment.) After you have completed this step, please move on to Step 2 below.

Step 2:

Click the button below to complete your registration with key information, such as your contact information, the student who has contacted you, and how much you are sponsoring.

After the completion of the form, you are finished!

Thank you for taking the time to donate to our team!

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