Toolkit for Success

New updates coming summer 2024!

This resource is perfect for all teams to find information about how to make your FRC team sustainable, with helpful tips for all aspects of your program, from fundraising to competition! 

The Toolkit is currently being updated with new statistics, more detailed information, and an overall revamp! Stay updated on this page for more.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This is the introduction to our Toolkit For Success, our guide to sustaining a FIRST Robotics Team.

Chapter 2 - Business

Business, this includes team structure, calendar, continuous improvement, team development, communication, recruitment and recognition.

Chapter 3 - Financial FUNdraising

Financials and FUNdraising, this includes a sample budget and many fundraising ideas.

Chapter 4 - RUSH Regatta

Regatta, this includes an explanation of our signature event. This event involves a summer engineering challenge, a team leadership/ mentoring program, an entrepreneurial fundraising experience, and a first networking competition

Chapter 5 - Sponsorship

Sponsorship, this includes different approaches, sample cover letters and flyers.

Chapter 6 - Community

Community Impact, this includes various suggestions at local level, for K-8th graders, and through the local Chamber of Commerce and Parks and Recreation.

Chapter 7 - Build

Build Season, this includes a calendar from kick-off through robot ship, many resources, and specific hints from engineer mentors.

Chapter 8 - Competition

Competition, this includes checklist, guidelines for chaperones, pre- competition planning, awards and the necessary forms.

Chapter 9 - Parent Support

Parent Support, this includes many suggestions on how you can tap into this important resource.

Chapter 10 - Rookie Resources - State

Rookie Resources, this includes notes from rookie conference calls and explains essentials for any rookie team.

Chapter 10 - Rookie Resources - Regional

Rookie Resources, this includes notes from rookie conference calls and explains essentials for any rookie team.

Chapter 11 - How to Build TEAM

Includes ideas on Teambuilding and the bringing together of different people for one common cause.

Chapter 12 - Students at Competition

Includes ideas for "down time" at competitions, expectations and samples of schedules and ideas of what to do.

Chapter 13 - Advocacy 

Advocacy means promoting a set of ideals that you believe in to others. Those “others” tend to be in places where they can make policy decisions.

Chapter 14 - Career Training

To help students in this regard, RUSH conducts annual “Career Training” sessions using experienced Human Resource, management personnel and recent college graduates who are mentors.

Chapter 15 - Mentor Guidelines 

Since 1997, Team RUSH 27 has seen mentors come and stay (and come and go). There are approximately 200 years of FIRST experience throughout the mentors of RUSH!

Chapter 16 - Summer Camps (Coming soon)

Chapter 17 - EZ Technologies for Teams (Coming soon)