Summer Camps

2021: CAD and Programming

RUSH Summer Camps! RUSH camps are our way of giving back to the community and to teach others about what we do as a team. We will begin camps involving CAD and block programming in the next few weeks. We wanted everyone to be able to learn new skills as we navigated how to "get back to normal". Across the two weeks, several students joined the Coding camp, and even more students participated in the 3D Modeling camp. Thank you to those who joined!

2021 (and Previous): LEGO Robotics


Each summer, Team RUSH 27 hosts week-long camps for students entering grades 1-6. At camp, students learned the beginning skills of LEGO robotics, building, and programming. Each student begins the week in either a Beginning or Advanced level of camp. Campers are in the Beginning level if they have minimal experience in robotics; if they have completed the camp in past years, been on a FLL team, or have any general LEGO robotics experience, they are able to move into the Advanced group.


First Day of Camp: Begin with registration, where campers are checked in and given name tags. Parents confirm information, including their student's emergency contact and T-shirt size. Campers then are split into groups and assigned a Team RUSH student as a counselor (with the average student-to-counselor ratio being 4:1).

What is the difference between Beginning and Advanced?

In Beginning groups, the students have little to no knowledge beforehand on how to build, program and test robots. They spend the first day of camp completing programming challenges using NXT LEGO robots. Over the next few days, they begin to build and program their robots to complete the most recent FLL challenge (based on the year). In Advanced groups, students already have an understanding of basic LEGO robotics, so counselors teach campers using EV3 models.

2020: Environment

The Clean Planet Program! K-3rd graders loved this camp experience! This camp was a bridge between STEM and the environment, and how to be involved in both. It was a great way to learn about the earth, while staying inside! We discussed problems in our environment and how we can help fix them! Our camp began on Wednesday, July 22nd, and continued every Wednesday for four sessions. Thank you to the 13 students total who participated!

July 22- Global warming

July 29- Fossil fuels & green energy

August 5- Plastic & the ocean

August 8- Deforestation