2023 - Charged Up

The FIRST Robotics Competition 2023 game Charged Up presented by Haas. The game is part of the FIRST-wide FIRST Energize theme for the 2022-2023 season, which focuses on energy and sustainable development. The game begins with an autonomous period then a teleoperated period, during both of which robots score cubes and cones onto a grid. At the end of the autonomous and teleoperated period, robots balance on the Charge Station to earn more points.

Competitions Attended

Team RUSH was 47-32-1 in official play in 2023 at:

Awards Won

Team Sustainability - Milford District

Team Sustainability - Central Illinois

Regional Finalist - Central Illinois

District Champion - West Michigan District

Excellence in Engineering - West Michigan District

Innovation in Control - Michigan State Championship Ford Division


Robot Abilities

Drive Train: MK4i Swerve Modules


• Each joint driven using a Falcon 500 motor - 80:1 reduction

• Very low center of gravity and packaging footprint

• Lightweight arm design (2.5lbs)

• 3D printed + laser cut end effector with integrated bevel gear


• Inverse kinematic equations for programming and control systems

• Sharp distance sensor to automatically grasp game pieces


• Carbon fiber forks for high strength and low weight

Chromoly steel shafts for structure and low profile

• High strength, lightweight Dyneema cable for winching

• Vertical mounted 20:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox with ratchet powered

by Falcon 500 motor

• 35 chain driving winch