1999-Double Trouble

Double Trouble is the 1999 FIRST robotics competition game. This game included floppies which were lightweight pillows with velcro around it. Pucks were also included short, octagonal platform that rolls freely on castor wheels. Human players were allowed to throw floppies/pillows to their robot. Alliances received points based on how high there pillows were able to be placed above the field. Robots this year were only allowed a maximum weight of 130 pounds.

Competitions Attended

  • Motorola Midwest Regional
  • Great Lakes Regional
  • National Championship

Awards Won

  • Regional Winner-Motorola Midwest Regional
  • Most Photogenic Award-Motorola Midwest Regional
  • Regional Winner-Great Lakes Regional
  • Most Photogenic Award-Great Lakes Regional
  • Autodesk Design your Future Award Honorable Mentions-National Championship
  • Teacher Pioneer Award- National Championship