2004-FIRST Frenzy

FIRST Frenzy was the 2004 FIRST robotics competition game; this game included purple balls worth 5 points each when scored into the mobile target/goals. 4 small yellow balls are placed in the field to start the game. These balls are worth 10 points each when placed into the mobile goals . Human players can also shoot balls into the goals as well and each ball is still worth the 5 points each. Then you have your big yellow balls that can cap over the mobile goals which then doubles your score that you have in the goals. In the middle of the field there's a metal bar on a platform overlooking the field. Teams had to articulate a design on their robot to execute the plan.

Competitions Attended

Team 27 was 24-8-0 in official play in 2004 at:

  • Great Lakes Regional
  • Midwest Regional
  • World Championship

Awards Won

  • Regional Chairman's Award- Great Lakes Regional
  • Motorola Quality Award- Midwest Regional