2009 - Lunacy

Lunacy was the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition game. The goal of the game is to score as many of the "moon rock" game pieces in the opposing side's trailers as possible. Robots start out in front of the opposite alliances' human players. There is a 15-second autonomous period, during which robots operate according to programs that teams download to their robot, and a 2-minute teleoperated period, where robots are driven and controlled by a human drive subteam at one end of the field. Empty cells (also worth 2 points) must be handed to a robot by the "payload specialist" at the mid-field position known as the "outpost". The robot must deliver the Empty Cell to their human player on one of the corners in order to get a Super Cell that is worth 15 points.

Competitions Attended

Team RUSH was 31-21-0 in official play in 2009 at:

  • Kettering District
  • Lansing District
  • Michigan State Championship
  • World Championship

Awards Won

Entrepreneurship Award - Kettering District

Chairmans Award - Lansing District

Chairmans Award - Michigan State Championship


Robot Abilities

Drive Train: 6 Wheel Drive

Wheels: 6 slick Lunacy wheels

Transmission: Single Speed Transmission


  • Turret to shoot "moon rocks" into opponent basket
  • Rotating cycler to organize moon rocks