2013 - Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent was the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Teams start with up to 2 or 3 discs on the robot at the beginning of the match. Teams of three robots each collect Frisbees and shoot them into goals of varying heights. There is also a pyramid which can be climbed at the end of the match for bonus points. Robots which begin touching the carpet behind their colored Auto Line may have three discs; others may have only two. They can score these in autonomous or wait for the teleoperated period. Only the 6 discs of an alliance's color count when scored on top of its pyramid. White or opposing colored discs will not count if scored in the pyramid.

Competitions Attended

Team RUSH was 45-30-0 in official play in 2013 at:

  • Northern Lights Regional
  • St. Joseph District
  • Livonia District
  • Michigan State Championship
  • World Championship

Awards Won

Engineering Inspiration Award - Northern Lights Regional

Chairmans Award - St. Joseph District

Quality Award - Livonia District

Chairmans Award - Michigan State Championship


Robot Abilities

Drive Train: 6 Wheel Drive

Wheels: 6 Brown Nitrile Traction Wheels

Transmission: Single Speed


  • 3 frisbee autonomous
  • Retractable shooter to be within starting configuration
  • Two wheeled shooter