RUSH Challenges

Team RUSH is reaching out to the community with RUSH challenges. These challenges are both LEGO challenges and team challenges. Visit our Facebook page for more details (click the icon). Below are the challenges that have already been posted on Facebook:

LEGO Challenges

LEGO challenge #1 - Build a rocket - 7/1/2020

NASA hired you to build and design their new rocket to go to space! Head over to our Facebook page to see the full LEGO challenge instructions.

LEGO challenge #2 - Build a castle - 7/8/2020

A dragon has entered the land! Quick, we need you to design and build a castle to protect the people. Head over to our Facebook page to see the full LEGO challenge instructions.

LEGO Challenge #3 - Build a robot - 7/15/20

You have been hired to create a robot! This robot can do anything you want it to, from cleaning your room to making your dinner. Head over to our Facebook page to learn more!

LEGO Challenge #4 - Build a Race car - 7/22/20

You’re given the once in a lifetime opportunity to race in the Indianapolis 500. The catch? You have to design and build your own car. Head over to our Facebook page to see the full LEGO challenge instructions.

LEGO Challenge #5 - Build a Plane/Helicopter - 7/29/2020

You have been hired by Boeing to build a plane or helicopter for them. Use LEGOs, your imagination, and your creativity to complete this challenge!

LEGO Challenge #6 - Build a Roller Coaster - 8/5/2020

Cedar Point needs a new roller coaster, and it’s up to you to design it. Use your creativity and imagination to build your favorite type of roller coaster!

Send your LEGO Challenges to!

Team Challenges

Team Challenge #1 - Breakdown video - 6/27/2020

Create your FIRST team's video of a socially-distanced breakdown!

Team Challenge #2 - Rube Goldberg Machine - 7/2/2020

Design and create a Rube Goldberg machine! Your design can be created to help make your life easier or just for entertainment purposes.

Team Challenge #3 - Teach us Something Cool - 7/9/20

The challenge this week is for students from your teams to teach Team RUSH something new! This could be related to robotics, math & science, or just something cool you’re interested in.

Team Challenge #4 - Favorite Positive Quote - 7/16/20

This week's RUSH Challenge is to encourage RUSH! Let’s spread positivity and inspiration throughout the FIRST community! This week’s challenge is to share an inspirational quote that impacts your team.

Team Challenge #5 - Judges Handshake Proposal - 7/23/2020

This week’s RUSH Challenge is to come up with a new way to greet judges! With COVID, we won’t be able to shake the judges’ hands, so how else can we greet them?

Team Challenge #6 - Nature Art - 7/30/2020

This week’s RUSH Challenge is to get outside and make some art! Recreate your team’s or FIRST's logo from components of nature.

Post your Team Challenge on Facebook and tag @TeamRush27!