Team RUSH Robotics

FRC 27

Team RUSH is a high school robotics team out of Clarkston High School, located in Clarkston Michigan. Find out more about how we change peoples' lives through the FIRST Robotics program and engage our community to promote STEM.

Our Mission: To create leaders who inspire people to value STEM.

Learn more about what Team RUSH has done at our most recent competitions!

  • Kettering #1
  • Rocket City
  • East Kentwood
  • Michigan State Championship
  • Detroit World Championship

Weekly Build Season Newsletters!

Learn more about what Team RUSH is doing each week through our newsletters! Newly redesigned with amazing interviews with students and photos of members continuing to work hard on creating the 2019 Robot!

FIRST Robotics and Team RUSH

Learn more about the FIRST Robotics program and how competitive robotics promotes science and technology, and see who and what Team RUSH is.

Recent Events

Learn more about what Team RUSH is doing both on AND off the field. Promoting STEM throughout the community and competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Team Calendar

Here is our team calendar documenting all events that we participate in. Including team meetings, competitions and any other important dates.

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