Team RUSH Robotics

FRC 27

Team RUSH 27 is a high school robotics team from Clarkston High School, located in Clarkston, Michigan.

Find out more about how we change lives through the FIRST Robotics program and engage our community to promote STEM.

Our Mission: Create leaders who inspire people to value STEM.

Our Core Value Statements: Team RUSH 27 is not just a name. It also represents our values. Each letter of RUSH represents a core value statement that every student embodies: Respect, Unity, Spirit, and Heart. These core values push the team to even greater heights! To learn more about our team ethics, visit our ethics review page.

Recent Events:

Junior Robotics Re-Booted! - September 20&22, 2022

Team RUSH once again kicked off the 2022/2023 FLL Explore and Challenge seasons this week, brining in over 75 kids total, with high spirits, and very very excited kids!

Firefly Drone Shows Demo - September 21, 2022

Team RUSH was invited to a private showing of one of their sponsors practice runs of a drone show! Many team members and family watched as 200 pre-programmed drones took flight!

Watch the full drone demo flight here!

Kettering Kickoff - September 18, 2022

Team RUSH finished their offseason with Kettering Kickoff,. With plenty of new students and high hopes, the team worked to place alliance 4 captains, and to be first pick by alliance 1, to finish event quart finalists!

Indiana Robotics Invitational - July 15-17, 2022

Team RUSH students attended IRI with a partially new team, new drivers, and big goals. They drove strong going 9-5, being rank 7 and alliance captain 6. They finished semi-finalists and did great!

RUSH Regatta - July 9th, 2022

Team RUSH students brought their cardboard boats to Deer Lake to race against each other with the hopes of earning the coveted RUSH Regatta Cup Championship! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so if YOU would like to sponsor one of their boats, contact us!

2022 Tournament Results!

Kettering University - March 3-5, 2022

Competition Winner

Autonomous Award

Greater Pittsburgh Regional - March 16 -19, 2022

Competition Winner

Autonomous Award

Troy Athens

Competition Winner

Excellence in Engineering Award

Michigan State Championship

Competition Winner

Quality Award

FIRST World Championship - Texas

Divisional Semi-Finalists

FIRST Robotics and Team RUSH 27

Learn more about the FIRST Robotics program and how competitive robotics promotes science and technology, and see who and what Team RUSH 27 is.

Past Events

Learn more about what Team RUSH 27 is doing both on and off the field! We promote STEM throughout the community and competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Team Calendar

Here is our team calendar documenting all events that we participate in. It includes team meetings, competitions and any other important dates.

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