The RUSH Regatta


The RUSH Regatta is a cardboard and duct tape boat race across Deer Lake in Clarkston, Michigan. Team RUSH 27 is split into eight smaller teams and each is responsible for building a boat based on the rules that are released each year and for cold calling local companies to fundraise sponsorship. It is both an engineering and entrepreneurship challenge for students.

Since we are a large sized team there is a large cost for us to travel for our five competitions. In 2019, we raised $74,374 from 270 sponsors! A large amount of the money we raise as a team for travel comes from the Regatta and in 2017 we raised $41,000 and our goal for 2018 was $50,000. Thanks to our gracious sponsors, we were able to go above and beyond our goal to raise over $55,000!

Due to the amount of money we were able to raise in 2017, we were able to buy a playing field to practice on during the season. Before buying the field, we were forced to practice inside a cold barn five miles away from the school. Since buying the field, we have been able to practice everyday after school and during our lunches, which helped us practice for the Detroit World Championships. We were able to invite nine other teams from around the state of Michigan that played with us, or used our field for programming practice.

This year we wanted to raise enough money that we can buy new uniforms for the students on the team. We use these during our traveling season where we go across the midwest competing in different competitions. Our current uniforms are years old and have become torn from the time wearing them.

By setting a goal for our students of how much money they need to raise, it motivates them and helps possible sponsors know what they are doing for our team.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more about our Regatta.


Wicked Fast Watercraft – Presented to the team that wins the actual regatta race .

Enterprising & Seaworthy Sailors Award – Presented to the team that best describes how their boat was engineered and constructed.

Cash Crusaders Award – Presented to the team that collects the most sponsorship funds.

The RUSH CUP is awarded to the team that earns the most qualifying points in each category.

2018 Regatta

The 2018 Regatta occured on July 14th, 2018. More updates to come about the results.

If you are interested in sponsoring please email for more information.

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