Team RUSH Takes Off to Build the 2019 Robot!

Team RUSH had a blast at Kickoff for Destination: Deep Space! The team spent all weekend working together as they began forming ideas about the game.

The first thing that Team RUSH did on Saturday morning was a team builder called Hungry Hungry RUSH-Os. The team divided into four groups. One student from each group had to lie down on a scooter and hold onto a milk crate. Then, another person from the group would grab onto the rider’s feet and push them to the center of the room. There, the rider would use their crate to try and contain as many ball pit balls as they could. The driver would pull them back to their team’s corner and keep all the collected balls there. Everyone in each group would get a turn to go. The group with the most balls at the end won! It was a really fun team builder that helped us get more comfortable with one another and bond as a team.

Shortly after, the team went upstairs to watch the official Kickoff live stream. This was the first time that the world was able to see the full details of the 2019 game. Parents of RUSH students and RUSH alumni also joined the team and came to watch the stream! The official Kickoff live stream was full of many components, such as motivational speeches, a live countdown to the game reveal, and an in-depth explanation of the different elements of the game. The live stream was shown online across the world to all FRC teams.

Students and mentors continued learning about the game by going over the rules in small groups. Different strategies for the robot were proposed from each subteam. The team spent time brainstorming different ideas for robot mechanisms to complete certain tasks. Afterward, the students presented their ideas to the whole team, which allowed our new students to gain some presentation experience. After viewing every groups’ perspective on the game, different needs and wants were established for the robot. Our team defines “needs” as basic requirements that the robot must complete being successful. “Wants”, on the other hand, are tasks that aren’t necessary for success, but would help achieve it. After our team had established its priorities, we then broke into our subteam groups and began brainstorming and prototyping!

Overall, Team RUSH had an amazing and busy weekend at Kickoff. Our team was brought together and everyone is excited to jump into the 2019 Build Season!

Students anxiously await the reveal of the 2019 Destination: Deep Space game!

Team RUSH Alumni come back to visit and help get the field ready for game pieces!

Student Jessica discusses the game pieces and how the robot will manipulate them in the 2019 game.

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